The difference between image masking and photo retouching.

What is the difference between image masking and photo retouching? Let’s understand the difference between image masking and photo retouching.

Image Masking

Image masking is a technique of image enhancement done with the help of software to hide or reveal some portions of the image. Most of the time you can adjust color, tweak for a background mask, or edit and make the image enriched. This attractive way of using good images works in favor of retailers and e-commerce companies to entice their customers. Image masking is often considered as an efficient way of image manipulation and attractive image portrayal like removing not-so-visible details like flying hair, removing red-eye, unwanted furs or hardly-there threads, smoothening dull or blemished skin for various apparels brands, fashion magazines as well as advertising agencies.

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is used to remove all patches and faded areas that change the look of the image and in image retouching, you can also do customized editing and retouching solutions consisting of high-end deliverables for a wide range of images for industries from e-commerce, real estate, digital media and advertising and various other print media.

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