Should a retoucher be a professional photographer?

Should a retoucher be a professional photographer or not?
It is a good question that is sometimes asked in the professional environment of retouchers and photographers.

People who do retouching or post-processing needn’t necessarily be a photographer, however, having some photography knowledge would certainly be advantageous.

Put it this way, if it came down to a choice between choosing a retoucher who is clueless about the needs of a photographer, or clueless about lighting and composition and what makes a compelling image, and one who is familiar with photography, then the choice is clear. You need to know what you are retouching, and why, and what looks good, and what doesn’t.

One of the advantages of working with our agency is the ability to choose a retoucher for his professional skills. Our agency employs a staff of retouchers, including those with experience in professional photography. Our clients always have a choice at an affordable price, you do not depend on one freelancer and his skills.

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